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LA Under the Stars

Awards & Trophies

At LA Under the Stars, we believe in celebrating excellence in cinema and honoring the remarkable talents that grace our festival. Our prestigious awards and trophies are more than just accolades; they are symbols of your dedication, creativity, and the magic you bring to the world of filmmaking.

Each year, our distinguished panel of international judges meticulously evaluates entries across various categories and genres. The recipients of these awards are not only recognized for their outstanding contributions but also receive a tangible representation of their cinematic prowess.

While trophies are awarded to the top-rated screenplays across all categories, we believe that every screenplay submitted holds its own unique brilliance and potential.

Each award and honor, whether for film or screenplay, symbolizes the dedication, creativity, and hard work that filmmakers and storytellers invest in their projects. At LA Under the Stars, we applaud the incredible talents within our festival and look forward to celebrating your achievements with the world.



"SUPERSTAR" - Best Rated Film

"WONDER WOMAN" - Outstanding Female Filmmaker


"AUDIENCE CHOICE" - Audience-Voted Best Film of the Night

"BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY" - Best Rated Screenplay

"BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY" - Best Rated Screenplay



In addition to these top accolades, we celebrate excellence in various film categories:

  • Best Feature (Film & Screenplay)

  • Best Narrative (Film & Screenplay)

  • Best Dark Comedy (Film & Screenplay)

  • Best Experimental

  • Best Sci-Fi

  • Best Music Video

  • Best Animation

  • Best Documentary

  • Best Smartphone Short

  • Best Student Short

We also shine a spotlight on the exceptional talents behind the scenes with our Cast & Crew Awards:

  • Best Director

  • Best Writer

  • Best Cinematographer

  • Best Actor

  • Best Actress

  • Rising Star for Child Actors

  • Best Ensemble

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